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Keith Holloway, CEO of Ecom Products Group, Provides a 4th Quarter 2017 Operational Update

I am happy to provide an update on behalf of the company for the 4th quarter of 2017 and outline our achieved objectives for the quarter as well as to further define and express our future direction and plans for Q1 2018 and beyond.

In order to capitalize on EPG’s recent Asia and China acquisitions, it is the aim of the company to be offering the EPG services, solutions and platforms model in the key growth markets of USA, Europe and Asia.

EPG’s 4th quarter brought high levels of progress, with a particular focus on expanding its international partnerships and updating its Ecommerce platforms; International Brands Direct (IBD) and The Brand Box (TBB).

As per planned, every operation is now consolidated under the EPG group as of Q4 2017, and the company is releasing its 2018 guidance and plan, based on its consolidated group. EPG has successfully completed it goals of having all of its Ecommerce and mobile services and solutions operating under the EPG Services branding.

One of EPG’s main focuses in 2017 has been to implement two social based platforms that operate under a promotional and sales model. AS of Q4, EPG’s platforms; International Brands Direct and The Brand Box are fully operational and are positioned for growth in 2018.

Report Highlights:

1. Operations now consolidated under EPG group 2. Successful market entry and social media seminars in New York, with upcoming seminars in Q1 3. Progression of EPG’s partnership with Tristar Products Inc. 4. Official launch of BrandBoxShop.com 5. New branding and logo for The Brand Box 6. Addition of “Shop San Francisco” to IBD Destinations 7. Expansion of The Brand Box and International Brands Direct with new products and brands signing up to the platforms in Q4 8. Outline of key company plans for Q1 2018 and beyond
Ecom Products Group Ecom Services, Solutions and Platforms

“EPG is a service provider and partner for leading brands and platforms that want to expand into new markets via ecommerce”

Business update by sector (future reports will also include geographical location updates):

EPG’s Services In Q4, EPG continued its aggressive marketing plan, through offering its ecommerce services in key growth markets. During the past quarter, EPG continued with its market entry and social media-based seminars in New York, which proved successful once again. Q1 2018 will see several seminars continue to take place in New York and London.

EPG’s Solutions This is the portion of our business where we bundle our services and sector knowledge to offer a stand-alone solution. In Q4, EPG continued to offer these solutions to consumer goods brands in the key markets in which EPG operates, leading to a number of new companies signing up to EPG’s solution offerings. The past quarter also saw EPG progress its exclusive China agent partnership with Tristar Products Inc., a USA-based products group with annual sales in excess of US$1 billion.

Ecom Products Group Ecom Services, Solutions and Platforms

EPG’s Ecom Platforms In Q4, EPG focused on expanding its ecommerce platforms, through relaunching and rebranding for The Brand Box and an expansion of the International Brands Direct website, through adding new products and brands.

Our Platforms: BrandBoxShop.com IBDShop.com IBDDestinations.com

Our product driven platform, The Brand Box (BrandBoxShop.com), has seen its third quarter of offering consumer goods products through its post-trial official launch. The website features a new Brand Box logo, branding and a professional website design as well as an easier website navigation and interface. Q4 also saw a number of new sign-ups, with the company looking to finalize a number of additional brand sign-ups in 2018.

EPG’s International Brands Direct (IBDShop.com) is a consumer platform focused on high-end fashion purchases. Its website is brand promotions and sales based and allows European brands to market to USA and Chinese consumers. EPG also offers USA based brands to market to Chinese and European consumers. The platform has seen a number of new brand sign-ups over the past quarter. International Brands Direct looks forward to additional sign ups to be announced in Q1 2018.

Finally, EPG’s travel site International Brands Direct Destinations (IBDDestinations.com), released its “Shop San Francisco” destination in Q4. Q1 2018 will see more destination additions to the platform, as well as a focus on adding consumer information on hotels and restaurants to support its network of shopping and retail destinations.

Report Summary: 1. Consolidation of operations under EPG name 2. Successful seminars in New York, with additional seminars taking place in London and New York in Q1 2018 3. Progression of EPG’s partnership with TriStar 4. New Ecommerce platform signups 5. Addition of “Shop San Francisco” to IBDDestinations.com 6. Official launch of BrandBoxShop.com 7. New branding and logo for The Brand Box
Ecom Products Group Ecom Services, Solutions and Platforms

What to Expect in Our Q1 2018 Update: In the next report, shareholders can expect to find updates on new partnerships and clients as well as financial reporting. EPG expects Q1 2018 to be a positive quarter, with the new infrastructure behind its various ecommerce platforms to help drive sales and offer complete solutions for international brands.

Other Important Information: • The company will raise expansion capital in the future as needed to maximize shareholder value and maximize growth. • We have and will continue to present various seminars in the US and UK and will conduct multiple webinars throughout 2018. • EPG’s plan is to have the stock up-listed from the current pink sheets (OTC) to NASDAQ, to enhance investor value.

For more information, please visit our website at www.ShopEPG.com.

I am happy to share these exciting updates with you and I believe EPG is poised to make the most of 2018 with EPG operating under the consolidated EPG brand for the first year. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at Keith@ShopEPG.com and I look forward to reporting on a number of exciting opportunities for EPG in 2018, along with strategy and business guidance.


Keith Holloway CEO,

Director Ecom Products Group