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EPG Services Asia

Distribution is the key to succeeding in the China retail market. China Retail Services, a division of EPG, is a leading supply chain management company that offers end-to end logistics and related distribution services worldwide.

Distribution, Logistics, and Fulfillment

CRS has its own distribution management services from import/export, distribution & order fulfillment, to bilingual customer service/ support, and returns. CRS reaches consumers throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and China under its full range of cross border services

Import Services

CRS has over a decade of experience with full import licensing in Shanghai WaiGaoQiao Free Trade Zone since 2005

Importer of Record (IOR)

CRS’s Importer of Record service allows for international brands / retailers to send goods directly to consumer in China either parcel by parcel or on a weekly drop ship basis. CRS provides cross border services, import licenses, bonded / non-bonded warehouse management services (WHMS), and international / local delivery services.

Merchant of Record (MOR)

Merchant of Record services for international brands & retailers, allows CRS to act as contracted importer and hold stock on their behalf. CRS will sign up distributors and wholesalers, manage sales, process orders in RMB, collect payments, and facilitate repatriation back to the brand. CRS’s MOR services allow companies to sell to Chinese consumers without setting up or maintaining their own Chinese company onshore

Export Services

CRS is fully licensed to export for international brands & retailers who wish to consolidate their stock in China to send to global retail outlets and non-China based consumers. CRS can facilitate export from China and reimport for China sales channels through bonded warehouses.

Distribution Services

CRS’s distribution is a combination of cross border and local fulfillment services which includes everything from import, sales channels management, warehouse management, local fulfillment, transportation management, customer service / support, and returns



CRS’s cross border fulfillment incorporates IOR/MOR services, also including stock that is already in China to be exported or reimported via bonded warehouses, in order to be eligible for sale in China.


CRS has a wide range of warehousing capabilities / management, , distribution & retail channel partners, nationwide transportation infrastructure via our local courier networks.

Customer Service and Support

CRS services include post sales customer service and returns management. These services are supported by a local multilingual team that will be interlinked with CRS social media platforms.