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Ecom Products Group Is About Reaching International Consumers.

Taking a brand internationally can be a challenge. With millions of people shopping for different products in different regions you will be faced with a language barrier, different cultures and customs and a different currency.

If you overcome these initial barriers, you must figure out how to reach your target audience. What are their social media platforms? How are you going to reach your audience?

As a full e-commerce service provider and partner to leading global consumer brands that operates in key markets of the USA, China/Asia, and Europe, EPG removes these hurdles.


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EPG looks forward to hosting another US-China entry strategy seminar in July after successful June seminar.      |

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EPG unveils new consumer e-commerce sales platform “Brand Box”     |

EPG runs first USA-China entry strategy seminar in New York     |

Why EPG?

Ecom Products Group has a complete line of services, solutions, and platforms to reach international consumers. ECOM’s social based e-commerce platforms will get your product to the market with the help of the dedicated executive team with global e-commerce and business experience.

Our Strategy

Ecom Products Group develops individualized services and solutions to best serve your brand no matter what your goals may be. We work with dominate players in each market to provide solutions that will reach your target audience.

Strength In Numbers

There’s a long list of countries where Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube have either been banned or are not considered major players. Ecom Products Group has access to 50+ million middle to high-income WeChat users- the largest social media platform in China as well as a database of over 13 million U.S. consumers.

Client Feedback

Our platforms are designed from the ground up with the merchants and customers in mind. Our design and engineering teams constantly take feedback to make our platforms even better, to serve our future customers, merchants, and our sharedholders.

Merchant Focus
Customer Experience
We Build Brands Together